Work with Us

The YouthMuse team loves museums, zoos and aquariums—and young people. We are happy to talk with you and your staff about how working with youth can help you meet your organizational goals. We can provide a tailored proposal, and we are happy to help you seek third-party funding to enable us to work together.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Youth engagement and facilitating youth-led campaigns
  • Myers-Briggs testing for teens
  • Consulting and speaking
  • Museum management

Youth Engagement & Facilitating Youth Campaigns

The YouthMuse project starts with an organization’s deeply-engaged group of teenagers and creates campaigns that marry personal action with spreading the word. The organization empowers youth to set the agenda of a campaign, develop messages and personal actions, and assist with social-marketing tools. The teens take personal action in their lives, evangelize the message they have developed, and carry the campaign across their social networks to create authentic movements in the realms of environment and sustainability, social justice, or creativity and expression. 

The outcomes for youth are an opportunity to activate their social consciousness and demonstrate their leadership. For the organization, the results include extended relevance to society, recognition, funding and building a future constituency.

Myers-Briggs Testing for Teens

Certified in Myers-Briggs personality type inventory, Deb Kerr facilitates interactive teen career and personal exploration group sessions.

Consulting and Speaking

Deb provides consulting in the areas of teen engagement and strategic planning for cultural organizations with a focus on team-building and board and organizational development. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and events on youth engagement, cultural organizations and museum management.

Museum Management

During her 17-year career at the world-renowned Shedd Aquarium, Deb held progressively responsible roles, serving as executive vice president for 11 years. Leveraging her 20+ years in the museum field, she teaches museum management as part of the museum certificate program in Northwestern University’s School of Continuing Studies. She is a past board member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and past chair and instructor for its Professional Development Committee and management courses, and past chair of the zoo and aquarium committee for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. She serves on the board for the Merit School of Music and on the National Wildlife Federation’s Great Lakes Leaders Council, and is a member of the American Alliance of Museums.