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Engagement Case Study

Intuiteens: Teen-to-Teen Conversation and Creativity

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art worked with YouthMuse over the course of 2014, first, to explore concepts for teen engagement with the museum, interviewing teens across the city in creative programs and gaining their insights on using art and making as a way for teens to tap into their own creativity and stimulate conversation about issues that matter to teens.

IntuiTeens logo

Once teens greenlighted the concept, YouthMuse and Intuit leveraged the Burberry Creates Chicago pilot program to bring interested teens together to form an Intuit teen program, which they branded IntuiTeens, and do two things: 1. Create a set of three videos on issues of teen interest. 2. Create a series of workshops the IntuiTeens led at Chicago Public Library YouMedia and teen-focused spaces around the city over the summer.

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"Do Something For You," a 30-second film about violence, was selected by the IntuiTeens to represent them in the Burberry Creates project.


"Embrace Yourself" takes on the subject of self acceptance.

"Join the Revolution" invites teens to care for the environment.

Check out the IntuiTeens on Facebook. >>