Campaign Case Study

Seattle Aquarium
Puget Sound (P.S.): We Love You 

YouthMuse started working with Seattle Aquarium in February of 2011. We kicked things off by facilitating an on-site workshop with a diverse cross-section of aquarium staff to discuss their goals and ideas. Next, our youth liaisons interviewed students from the Aquarium’s youth volunteer program to gauge interest and learn about their passions. From there, the students chose to focus their campaign on healthy oceans and Puget Sound, a topic that was a great fit for both the youth and the Aquarium.

About 40 youth volunteers from various area high schools participated at the start. They decided to name their campaign “Puget Sound: We Love You,” and worked with a graphic designer to develop a logo. The students then went on to brainstorm goals, messages, the target audience, and tools for message delivery.

Next, the students created teams to organize their efforts, which allowed each person to focus on the areas they found most interesting. The teams included educational outreach, branding and marketing, art, events, science, messaging and conservation, and merchandise.

The “Puget Sound: We Love You” Facebook page was launched in May of 2011 as a tool to spread awareness and promote conservation. By leveraging their own social networks, the students use their credibility to share the campaign’s important messages. The Facebook page now has nearly 400 likes and high levels of interaction. Youth volunteers regularly post photos, conservation tips, fun facts, and dates for beach cleanups they have planned. They also do behind-the-scenes collaboration on a private Facebook site, where they can test out ideas and plan content.

Student volunteers are eager to spread their message. In fact, youth campaigner Anja Brandon-Drevitch presented at the 2011 AZA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was a conference-wide favorite.

To keep the campaign running smoothly, the Aquarium hosts regular campaign meetings,and program supervisor Dave Glenn has taken the lead to support the youth volunteers. And as Seattle Aquarium has taken more ownership of the campaign, YouthMuse has served as a guiding resource for support and consultation along the way.

Seattle Aquarium and its staff are very excited about the youth campaign. It was recently featured on the cover of their donor newsletter, and it has achieved 100% staff recognition. The students are also enthusiastic about their involvement, and are now developing a recruitment process to keep the campaign going with a continuous flow of new youth volunteers.

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This campaign has allowed my leadership to flourish and has allowed me to feel like I’m making a difference in an area I am passionate about. Saving the world has always been my life goal, and this project has given me the chance to start on that path.
— Anja Brandon Drevitch, Youth Volunteer for “Puget Sound: We Love You,” Seattle Aquarium